This December update is packed with several new features! In preview, we have the new Customize theme dialog that allows you to tweak common theme settings without having to write or modify a JSON file! Additionally, we now allow you to export the current theme as a JSON so you can easily share, reuse, or make modifications to the JSON in an editor. Last month, we released the new decomposition tree, and this month, we are adding several new formatting options. With these additional formatting options, you can completely customize the tree to look the way you want and make it feel like part of your report. Check out the full video to learn more about all the updates and enhancements this month.

Customize current theme (preview) – 0:10

Export current theme – 4:01

Setting table column or matrix value as a custom URL – 4:36

KPI visual formatting settings – 5:53

New decomposition tree formatting – 7:22

Filter pane toggle button in the new ribbon – 9:58

Automatic Page Refresh query details (preview) – 11:56

Load more for Analyze insights – 13:50

New DAX function: Quarter – 14:14

Personalization of the visualization pane is now generally available – 14:23

Hierarchy tree by xViz – 14:57

Bullet chart by xViz – 16:53

Parallel Coordinates by xViz – 18:42

Gantt chart by xViz – 20:41

Zebra BI charts – 22:30

Zebra BI tables – 25:20

Drill Down Combo Bar PRO by ZoomCharts – 27:13

Annotated Bar by Queryon – 29:28

Tachometer 5 Ranges – 31:16

ValQ licensing updates – 35:25

Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 connector is now generally available – 35:59

Power Platform Dataflows connector – 36:20

PostgreSQL connector now includes the Npgsql provider – 36:59

AtScale connector is now generally available – 37:24

Azure Time Series Insights connector – 37:40

Data Virtuality connector – 38:14

Zucchetti HR Infinity connector – 39:04

Updates to AI Insights functions (preview) – 39:25

Omnichannel insights for Dynamics 365 – 40:15

Customer service analytics for Dynamics 365 – 41:39

Microsoft Forms Pro for Customer Service – 42:04

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