You’ll notice one of our exciting updates right away when creating new reports with the September update of Power BI Desktop, a new, modern default theme! Not only do we have a new default theme, but we’ve more than doubled the number of built-in theme options for your report. If you’re a theme author, potentially more exciting are the updates to our theme JSON format which make it much quicker and easier for you to create your own custom themes that significantly change the look and feel of your report. Thanks to an intern project, we’re also releasing a frequently requested modeling feature: custom format strings. And of course, we have plenty of incremental improvements this month, with some performance improvements, more dynamic formatting options, updates to our personalized visualization pane, and more.

Here’s the complete list of September updates:
Color and text classes in themes – 0:11
New default themes – 5:35
Personalized visualization pane improvements – 10:00
Custom format strings – 12:10
Conditional formatting for more visual formatting options – 13:33
Drill through discoverability improvement – 15:59
New DAX expressions: REMOVEFILTERS and CONVERT – 17:28
PowerApps visual now generally available – 17:44
PostgreSQL connector enhancements – 18:31
Copy to clipboard from data profiling – 19:06
Performance improvements for multi-dimensional models – 20:07
Query performance improvements for DirectQuery models – 21:13

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