We have a big update for our June update for Power BI Desktop. There are a lot of new features and updates to the existing features this month. Some of the highlights include a top UserVoice ask, visual level filters for slicers, and more formatting options that can be changed based on expressions. We also modernized our side panes and added support in Power BI Desktop for shared and certified datasets, a much anticipated capability that will help our customers establish single sources of truth in their organizations and to continue driving a data culture based on collaboration and sharing.

Updated pane design – 0:10
Visual level filters for slicers – 1:56
Sorting for the performance analyzer pane – 3:57
Conditional formatting updates for formatting options – 5:11
Visual header tooltips – 8:49
Table & matrix total label customization – 12:01
Sync slicer support for hierarchy slicer – 14:18
Consistent font sizes across visuals – 16:02
Key Influencers visual updates (preview) – 17:40
Manage aggregations dialog accessibility – 20:12
New DAX comparison operator: == – 21:08
Personalized visualization pane (preview) – 22:29
SCADAvis.io Synoptic Visual – 23:11
PAFnow Process Mining – 24:49
DualCard – 27:08
Connect to shared and certified datasets – 29:00
Common Data Service connector is now generally available – 30:08
Azure Data Explorer connector is now generally available – 30:24
Enhancements to the Cosmos DB connector – 30:33
Entersoft – 30:51
Improvements to M Intellisense – 31:06

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