We have an exciting release this month. On top of incremental improvements for several of our recent released features, such as the Key influencers visual and our new filter pane, we also have a new performance analyzer pane. This new pane lets you get a behind the scenes view of what’s happening when your report is loading, which can help you optimize your report and improve your end user’s experience

Performance analyzer pane – 0:10
Filter pane improvements (preview) – 6:16
Table and matrix keyboard navigation – 8:38
Line data label position control – 9:32
KPI visual Indicator text size control – 11:04
Key influencers visual improvements (preview) – 11:57
Disable auto-date tables for new reports – 16:25
Update to the ALLSELECTED DAX function – 18:00
ArcGIS maps for Power BI updates – 18:12
Mapbox updates – 20:00
ValQ – Modern Digital Planning – 22:57
Advanced Graph Visual – 34:18
Craydec Control Charts – 37:47
Walkers Animated Pictogram – 38:49
Treemap Bar Chart by MAQ Software – 40:03
Essbase connector: Support for Native Query (MDX) – 41:58
Intune Data Warehouse connector – 42:17
Tenforce connector – 42:40
Roamler connector – 43:16
Automatic query cancellation for Power BI Desktop – 43:46

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