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In this video learn about how to import a CSV Text file with server computer downtime, create the Data and Time Dimension Tables using DAX Table formulas and DAX Calculated Columns, Create Relationships and Measures to then build a Dashboard with Visualization for server downtime by year, month, day and hour. Learn about Custom Visualizations that you can download, and see the Word Cloud Visualization.
Comprehensive Microsoft Power Tools for Data Analysis Class, BI 348, taught by Mike Girvin, Excel MVP and Highline College Professor.
1. (00:15) Introduction
2. (00:43) Import Large CSV File
3. (00:58) Look at Final Power BI Visualization
4. (01:36) Import Large CSV File
5. (02:00) Data Modeling on Fact Table with Power Query, including extracting date and time values from a single date-time column and filtering rows base on an Upper and Lower Date.
6. (04:20) Create Date Dimension Table with DAX Formulas. See the CALENDAR DAX Function and more. See how to use FORMAT DAX Function to get a Day Data Attribute with Day Name. See how to Sort By Column to get Data Attribute Columns to sort correctly in visualizations.
7. (08:20) Create Time Dimension Table using DAX Formulas. Learn about the GENERATESERIES DAX Function and more.
8. (09:16) Create DAX Calculated Column for Serial Time.
9. (10:00) Create Time Category using FORMAT Function. See two methods. Sort By Column to get Times to sort correctly in visualization.
10. (11:50) Hide Columns
11. (12:37) Create Measure for Total Server Downtime
12. (13:05) Create Relationships
13. (14:20) Create Line Chart with Year, Month, Day and Hour is the horizontal axis
14. (14:45) Learn about Drill Down in Power BI
15. (16:05) Create Matrix for Reason Server Computer is down
16. (16:30) Create Measure using SELECTEDVALUE DAX Function to use in a Card to show what Machine is being analyzed.
17. (17:20) Word Cloud Visualizations
18. (17:42) Download Custom Visualization in Power BI
19. (19:28) Summary

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